Our latest dance floor is taking the world by storm and marks a huge leap forward for the portable dance floor market. Based on our tried and tested interlocking, tool-free dance floor panels, now with a new thermo-formed-plastic and aluminium tray system.
The acrylic panels house a matrix of super-bright, RGB LED’s which wirelessly connect to your portable device via the Command Centre. Once connected the operator can select built-in patterns, animations and images to display via the intuitive software interface. You don’t need an internet connection to operate the floor as it generates its own local network, however connecting your Command Centre to the web allows it to download any software updates or graphics and receive technical help direct from Grumpy Joes.
The Colour Commander system is compatible with Grumpy Joe's Acrylic Dance Floor and Twinkling LED Dance Floor. It uses the same low voltage circuitry ensuring the safety of users and withstands spilt drinks.


Colour Commander Panel Exploded Diagram