The Sectional System is a breakthrough in design for the portable market. Using curved and straight lightweight aluminium frames, each 5’ in length, the possibilities for layout and function are endless. The system is available in RGB back-lit, without any lighting or with Colour Commander technology and requires no tools or hardware to assemble.

The Colour Commander Bar is controlled from the Command Centre PC and our inhouse intuitive software. Just as with the Colour Commander floor, accessing the software interface is achieved wirelessly from any device with a browser and Wi-Fi connectivity. This gives the user total freedom and with the hundreds of built-in patterns and effects; complete customisation and unique creativity.

Once connected the operator can select built-in patterns, animations and images. Add custom text, video and pictures, select live video streaming from a laptop, DVD player or webcam. Move to the beat with sound-to-light using an external microphone plugged in to the Command Centre.