All Colour Commander products come with a state of the art Command Centre PC, loaded with our Colour Commander control software. The control interface can then be accessed on any WiFi enabled device, be that your laptop, tablet or smartphone.


The intuitive Colour Commander software allows the operator to create a vast amount of displays using a combination of layers.

The operator can select effects to play on the background, fx and overlay layers. The background layer could be an animation, video or image. An fx can then be selected which alters the way the background layer is displayed. The overlay layer can then display an additional element on top of the current display. This could be a logo, text, image or animation.

All effects have settings that can be changed to further customise your Colour Commander display.


Updates to the software are provided free of charge for the first 12 months, followed by a nominal annual fee for upgrades and support so that you can receive updated versions as they become available. You can download the current update file here, but please be aware that you will require an upgrade code to apply it, which is provided only to those with current support.

Support can be purchased from the on-line store, Colour Commander Software Updates & Support (12 months)

Colour Commander Software Interface